Which rice is stylish for your health? A nutritionist’s answer

Not all rice is healthy, especially if you’re watching your weight. But which rice should you choose among the numerous kinds that live? The nutritionist Chantal Van Der Brempt helps you to see more easily in Le6/8.

Generally speaking, rice is an intriguing bounce because it provides energy without gluten, without cholesterol and can give a good quantum of fiber and nutrients. It can also be sating and thus fight against hunger stings. As long as you choose it well.

White rice or brown rice?

There are two families of rice

Brown rice, which has kept its origin, bounce and cocoon.

White rice has only the bounce left, which makes it a cereal of poor nutritive quality. Our nutritionist compares it to a auto without a body,” without a body, you do not get veritably far.”

You get it, brown rice is better for our health, just like red rice, black rice or wild rice for nutritive quality. And if, by the same commemorative, you are watching your weight, conclude for the same variants because they’ve a low to medium glycemic indicator, with brown rice at the reverse of the pack.

So avoid white round rice( as in sushi) or long rice because they’re poor in nutrients and make us gain weight too fluently. The thing isn’t to fully exclude it from your diet, but to know how to cure and vary it.

also, in Singapore, the government launched a crusade about ten times ago to inspire the population to eat brown rice rather than white rice because it would be one of the causes of the explosion of the rotundity rate.

Reheating cooked rice the day before good or bad idea?

It’s a good idea according to our expert! It’s a great way to reduce the calories in your rice.

By cooking it the day ahead and keeping it in the fridge for 12 hours, you reduce the calories of your rice by 10. Some of the sugars have been transformed into resistant bounce. Your body no longer knows how to break down the starch to get the calories out. They pass directly into the bowel, act as prebiotics and are sating.

The bag of rice in quick cuisine good or bad for your health?
Chantal Van Der Brempt’s answer is mixed. The plastic bag has no reason to live, it’s precious and we can suspect that cuisine in plastic may not be ideal for our health.

still, bagged rice is generally coddled( fumed and alsore-dried) which allows for more of the nutrients to be retained.

The best option is Basmati( or Thai or Jasmine) rice which has a low glycemic indicator. It acts like a slow sugar indeed though it’s white unlike the classic white rice.

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