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Maple syrup in a limited words

Maple syrup in brief

In Quebec, further than 13,300 maple syrup directors produce 211 million pounds( 2022 figures) of maple syrup annually. The fiefdom produces 70 of the world’s maple saccharinity and exports to further than 60 countries. Our maple syrup has indeed conquered the land of the rising sun.

Although it’s a sugar, just like table sugar, maple syrup has a many nutritive attributes. It contains manganese, riboflavin( vitamin B2), bobby, calcium, polyphenols and other factors with antioxidant parcels. Despite this, it’s still a source of concentrated sugar and should be limited. Its unique flavour profile and the fact that its consumption supports our original frugality remain its main advantages.


From morning to night, through snacks and aperitifs, maple mawkishness can be a faithful companion to enhance your fashions.

For Breakfast

While maple syrup is a classic pairing with pancakes and French toast, it’s also great to use in fashions that are a little healthier. How about an late oatmeal with maple and walnut flavours? For a balanced breakfast on the go, add maple saccharinity to your usual blend of fortified vegetable drink, yogurt, oats and chia seeds. Shake vigorously and let sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning, top with walnuts and a few slices of banana and enjoy! The maple syrup can also be added to plain yoghurt or a morning smoothie.

At the snack time

We will profit from replacing the sugar in our manual energy balls, muffins and oatmeal with maple soppiness.

At Lunch

A hearty salad will be indeed more pleasurable with a good vinaigrette! Simply add a touch of maple saccharinity to your ginger and oil painting brace. Whether you choose an Asian or Dijon dressing, maple adds a touch of niceness that will make all the difference. Discover Surette Condiments’ apple- maple vinegar, a unique product that continues to win accolades.

Are you further of a sandwich person? scourge up some goat rubbish with a little maple syrup and spread on a whole wheat tortilla. Add roasted vegetables of your choice, some arugula leaves and pumpkin seeds. smoothly toast and enjoy a healthy, sweet and salty sandwich!

For Dinner

Maple is a perfect addition to your favourite gravies. It goes particularly well with flesh, similar as in a form for funk with orange sauce or lemon with maple mustard sauce. It can also be used in Asian gravies( with tamari sauce and gusto) to enhance fish or pork. Once grilled, your meat and fish will have a beautiful caramelization thanks to the syrup. Root vegetables flavoured with camelina oil painting and maple syrup cooked on a plate will also please the whole family.

For Dessert

Maple lends itself to both decadent and lighter goodies. Consider sautéing your apples with a touch of maple saccharinity to eclipse a mini buckwheat hotcake. Do you like pears? simmer them in maple saccharinity and just before serving, add a light whipped beating made from aquafaba( water in canned chickpeas). Do you like delicate textures? A chia seed pudding will satisfy you! It’s easy to prepare in advance and keeps well. Mix chia seeds with the milk or vegetable drink of your choice, add cocoa greasepaint and maple saccharinity. Chill for 4- 6 hours and grate some dark chocolate on top.

A Sports Outing?

With the quick energy it provides, maple syrup is also appreciated by athletes. It can be part of a manual rehydration form for long- duration sweats.

◆ Mix 65 ml orange juice 65 ml maple saccharinity 30 ml lime juice 1 ml swab and 850 ml water. Serve well stupefied.

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